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Jess was born and raised in New Jersey, where she met her now husband and discovered her love for Florida after yearly vacations to Orlando.  In January of 2017 Jess and her husband moved to Orlando and the rest is history. She is an AP holder to both Disney and Universal, and visits the parks at least once a week. Her favorite park is Animal Kingdom, her favorite snack is the ever-elusive cream cheese filled pretzel and her favorite ride is the People Mover. She even started her own blog where she can write about whatever she wants too in her spare time. And when she's not at the theme parks, she can be found lounging by the pool or exploring everything Orlando and Florida has to offer, from breweries to beaches.


Check our her blog if you want! www.jessamack.com


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Ashley grew up in North Carolina and took yearly family vacations to Orlando. When she was younger her dream job was to be a Cast Member/Actor for The Great Movie Ride and she would recite the entire monologue to anyone who would listen. When she was 12, before another family trip to Orlando, Ashley created a guide for each park by printing every page to every attraction and putting it in a binder. She called it her “theme park bible”.  In 2015 she finally took the leap and moved to Orlando permanently. She’s now an AP holder for both Disney and Universal and goes as often as she can. Her favorite park is Universal Studios, her favorite snack is the Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hallow in Magic Kingdom and her favorite ride is E.T. Adventure. When she’s not at the parks she’s more than likely drinking wine while crafting and watching horror movies.


Check out her Etsy shop Between2Castles!